Interested In Becoming A Skin Coach?  Start Here.


Want to get started in becoming a skin coach?  First BEFORE YOU PAY for your registration please fill out an application and wait for approval and details.  Once you have received your approval then return here to sign up & pay for your training.  Once you have completed your training and have been approved to officially become a certified skin coach you may return here to pay your certification.

Step 1: Apply to become a Skin Coach

Please click HERE to download the skin coach application.  Once you have completed the application please email it back to 


Once we have received your application we will touch base with you as to the training dates and details.  Once you have all the dates and information return here to pay for your training below.

Step 2: BIB Skin Coach Training

All BIB Certified Skin Coaches are required to go through our training program regardless of prior experience, as we wish to provide exceptional service to our customers we require exceptional training.  


Attendance to all classes is required to complete the course however if you miss a class you are able to make up the class in one of the future training sessions.  The training fee is non-refundable and access to a skin analyzing (glow) machine is required to take the class.  If you do not have access to one of these machines please inform the trainer to get assistance in acquiring one.


For more information or to express your interest in the next class please click HERE to go to our Contact Us page.

Step 3: BIB Skin Coach Certification


Once your training is complete with completion of an approved full course and your skills have been approved by a Class A or Class B Certified Skin Coach Trainer you may return here to pay for your official certification.


Once this is complete you will receive your nationally recognized skin coach certificate and be officially recognized as a Certified Skin Coach for the duration of one year.  You will also be added into our official BIB Approved Skin Coach listing and have your picture/profile added into our websites.  Each year you may also return here to renew your membership in our program, so long as you meet all the requirements for renewal you will not need to retake a full training course, however as science changes you may be required to take a short continuing education course.


For more information or to express your interest in the next class please click HERE to go to our Contact Us page.