Skin Coach Training - Spring 2015

Skin Coach Training - Spring 2015

All BIB Certified Skin Coaches are required to go through our training program regardless of prior experience, as we wish to provide exceptional service to our customers we require exceptional training.  

Attendance to all classes is required to complete the course however if you miss a class you are able to make up the class in one of the future quarterly training sessions. The training fee is non-refundable and access to a skin analyzing (glow) machine is required to take the class. If you do not have access to one of these machines please inform the trainer to get assistance in acquiring one.

Spring 2015 Training Dates:
- March 14th (Saturday)
- March 28th (Saturday)
- April 19th (Sunday)
- May 9th (Saturday)
- June 6th (Saturday)

Please do not purchase this until your application has been accepted by a trainer, then add your name in the box below to be added to the trainee list.
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    If you have any questions about the process of becoming a BIB Certified Skin Coach make sure you read the page titled "BECOME A SKIN COACH" before purchasing, if you need additional information please utilize the "Contact Us" link