Skin Love...


Let’s pause and take a moment to appreciate the awesomeness of our oft-forgotten friend, the skin.  


Your body’s largest organ, the skin, acts as a protective, dynamic interface between you and the environment.  Roughly 30,000 skin cells are born and another 30,000 die every single day.  Each square centimeter contains millions of cells, hundreds of glands, nerve endings, and blood vessels, and performs a multitude of functions.  Your skin is a detoxifier, an immunity booster (through Vitamin D production), a natural heating and air conditioning system (through goosebumps and sweat glands), an anti-bacterial layer, a protecting and insulating cushion for the body, a passageway to the bloodstream, a storehouse of nerve endings signaling pleasure or pain… and did I forget to mention it holds you together? (thanks, skin!) 


Biologically, the skin is a powerhouse of intricate functions that create balance and health in your body.  But emotionally, the skin can often be a source of frustration.  A measure of age and beauty, it’s the world's first glimpse into who we are.  As we see other people, we’re instinctively attracted to radiant, glowing skin (perhaps because it signals health).  And too often when we feel insecure with our own skin, we instinctively shy away from a potentially judging world.  Our confidence, sense of beauty, and emotional well-being can rise and fall with the appearance of our skin. 



What is Skin Coaching & Analysis?


Too often clever ad campaigns, photo-shopped models, and colorful product packaging dig at those insecurities and promise hope.  But in the quest for healthy skin, knowledge wins the day. Not general knowledge.  Personalized knowledge, about your unique skin.  Skin analysis needs to be 3-dimensional: lifestyle, nutrition, genetics, environment, age, and skincare products all play a role.  Furthermore, skin health goes deeper than what the naked eye can see…


Enter the Skin Analysis Machine and Skin Coaching process, in three simple steps: 


1) New analytic technology provides us with information that our grandmothers never had: a process called ‘flourescence’ uses precise levels of blue and black light to illuminate the top layers of skin, revealing and magnifying deeper layers of your epidermis and dermis.


2) Skincare products are tested for effectiveness both on the skin’s surface and in it’s deeper layers, thus eliminating the skincare guessing game.  Personalized skincare regimens, functional facials, and skin education are all part of the skin coaching process.  


3) Ongoing analysis is the final key: as the skin starts to get what it needs, it starts to transform.  As it starts to transforms, what it needs starts to change.  Over time, the skin balances and finds a new ‘normal’.


New normal, new you.