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Prior Testimonials

Here are just a few testimonials from our clients.

"The Believe in Beauty facial & analysis was wonderful.  Being able to see what my skin looked like in the machine and seeing where I could improve was so helpful.  The products that were used really left my face feeling smooth and radiant!"


--Cheryl K

"I have been using the anti-aging eye creme for 4 months. I have seen such a great improvement on my skin in regards to crow’s feet and under eye circles. I recently had a facial with Holly and she used a UV light to show the differences I have on my face. My face looked great with little congestion and discoloration especially around my eye area. I am so thrilled that these products really compliment my skin and are showing improvements so soon!"

--Jennifer Q

"I’ve always assumed that properly caring for one’s skin is either expensive, or time consuming—generally both. Until Rebecca. I have always kept my skincare regiment simple, partly for lack of knowledge and partly for lack of interest.  After working with Rebecca and her handy-dandy glow box, I came to understand firsthand how my decisions were impacting the health of my skin. By making subtle affordable changes in my skincare regiment, I was able to dramatically improve the look and feel of my skin.  And my process is still simple.  As both a business professional and highly active outdoors-woman, my skincare needs are diverse (sun protection, non-oily, hydrating, natural looking, versatile) and Rebecca has consistently helped me find solutions for all my particulars. Her willingness to listen carefully, give frank feedback, and offer highly educated solutions is quite unique within her industry.  Contrary to most women involved in makeup and skincare, it is clear Rebecca is more interested in seeking best solutions for clients rather than peddling products. At times, she has even advised I forgo purchasing a product of hers when its failed to truly fit my situation: the mark of a quality consultant.  Between her genuine interest in others, her subject matter expertise, her ability to convey the complexities of skincare in an easy-to-receive fashion, her unique tools and hands-on process, it seems quite clear to me why Rebecca has the title Master Skin Coach."


--Melissa T

"I recently had a facial with Holly Mendoza and it was amazing. My problem skin conditions are rosacea, dry skin, discoloration and acne. It is very difficult to apply anything on my skin because it gets irritated so quickly. During the facial, I was so pleased with everything that Holly educated me with and applied on my skin. It was very gentle and my skin felt very hydrated, which is so rare to find for my skin!"


--Claudia P

"My skin is problematic and oily, but also dry in some areas.  I had grown accustomed to my skin not lookin gsoft and supple.  Recently Nikki introduced me to a balancing system.  I was skeptical at first but after seeing my face in the blue light I thought, 'what do I have to lose?'  After my facial I went back into the blue light, looked at my skin, I could see it was soft, smooth, glowing and practically blemish free.  My sensitive skin had no adverse reactions to the products.  My skin feels hydrated, soft, and smooth.  I fell in love with the products!"
--Mar F
"I am both amazed and embarrassed by the inadequacy of my skin care routine before having a skin analysis done by Rebecca with Believe in Beauty. I had been holding on to long-engrained fears of acne which had mildly persisted into my 20s. This caused my skin to exhibit symptoms (flakiness in some areas, shininess in others) that I just tried to mask with more products. The skin analysis showed exactly what deep-rooted characteristics the different zones of my face possessed. This helped Rebecca recommend products that both helped correct any issues and catered to my skin care goals (like halting the signs of aging). I love the products and my skin has never looked or felt better, nor has it ever been so low-maintenance!"
--Ryan J
"The analysis process is simple and easy. It helps you pinpoint what the problems are, how to address them, and helps support the ongoing regimen. It's a great look into your skin." 
--Martyna S
"I've been using these anti-aging products for 12 years and my face feels so soft!  I get so many compliments from my co-workers. People think I'm five years younger than I am!" 
--Maricela M

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